Collaborating to Create Hope

“I want to give dignity to these people. Some are treated worse than animals. I want to give them a nice place to go where they will have access to all the services they need to get back on their feet and reintegrate with society under one roof.”

- Humberto Lopez -

Hope for the Hopeless

In 2018, the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation purchased the former Holiday Inn Holidome with a vision to create a one-stop refuge of hope that would provide holistic support for guests as they journey out of homelessness into self-sufficiency.

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About the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation

In 2019, The Center of Opportunity completed renovations on the main building and began welcoming people off the streets to enjoy a warm meal and begin the process of restoration.

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A Legacy of Compassion

Gospel Rescue Mission worked with Humberto Lopez to create a space that would preserve the dignity of those served as they journeyed out of homelessness.

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A Collaborative Campus that Serves the Homeless with Dignity

Nonprofits, government agencies, and churches provide essentials, counseling and needed service for people on a journey of restoration.

Why One-Stop

Expediting the Process from Homelessness to Self-Sufficiency

The Center of Opportunity is a holistic one-stop center that provides most services a homeless person needs to be restored and thrive in a compassionate environment.

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